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Survivable Branch Appliance

Greater Resilience when you need it most

the solution that gives you peace of mind and maximises service continuity


what is survivable branch appliance?

SBA from Outsourcery helps organisations who place a premium on minimising service interruptions during planned maintenance windows or need additional resilience against unplanned service interruptions.


As a hardware appliance, SBA from Outsourcery ensures the availability of enterprise voice and a subset of Skype for Business functionality in the event of Wide Area Network (WAN) or hosted service failure.

SBA's form part of the overall Skype for Business topology. As such the device will be joined to the domain where the Outsourcery dedicated Skype for Business enterprise service is provisioned.


SBA from Outsourcery is a market leading solution that includes:

  • Secure access to SIP trunking
  • Reduction in costs
  • Mediation server for handling signalling
  • ISDN termination
  • PSTN fall back
  • Emergency calling support


All designed to optimise operational continuity.

Minimise Service Interruptions


Ensures Enterprise Voice Availability


Delivers Additional Resilience


Maximising ROI

Delivering the full potential of Skype for Business

Securing Business Performance