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Call Recording

Call recording for unified communications

Improve customer service and ensure compliance, with call recording for Lync and Skype for Business

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More than just a recording service

Outsourcery's Call Recording allows organisations to securely record conversations including calls, desktops, conferencing and instant messages.

This information is then immediately available, accessible through an advanced search facility.

Recording interactions for organisations of any size, in any sector

Call recording has traditionally been a high-end application reserved for call centres looking to record their agents, and businesses (such as financial services) with a need to record calls for legal and compliance reasons.

However, an increasing number of organisations are recognising the benefits of call recording, regardless of business function. Call recording can help improve customer service, identify training needs, keep records, stay compliant and more.

Partnered with the experts at Verba Technologies

Outsourcery has partnered with Verba Technologies to provide a comprehensive call recording platform for Unified Communications (UC).

Founded by industry veterans from the call recording, UC, contact centre and software development industries, with over 60 years of combined experience, Verba Technologies is a leading provider of call recording and Quality Management Systems.


  • Always-on recording – record all conversations, or limit recordings to specified users or departments
  • On-demand recording – recording can be manually started and stopped, ensuring you only record what you need
  • Silent monitoring – live calls be silently listened to directly from the web-based user interface
  • Search – users can easily define search queries including custom fields and metadata
  • Playback – recordings can be played back directly in the browser window
  • Data retention – create custom rules for the data retention life cycle of your organisation
  • Enhanced security – secure https web interface with user authentication
  • Dashboards and reporting – access the management information you need
  • Quality Management System – score carding and evaluation functionality provides information and tools to help develop quality assurance by evaluating agents to ensure compliance and identify skills gaps


  • Always-on recording
  • On-demand recording
  • Silent monitoring
  • Search and playback features
  • Flexible data retention
  • Enhanced security
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Quality Management System

Screen recording

Desktop screen recording enables employers to check against call protocol, improving customer interaction and identifying training needs, whilst replay reference helps resolve customer queries and disputes.

Regulation and compliance

Call recording enables you to comply with industry regulations and best practice.

Campaign evaluation

Monitor responses to campaign marketing, to evaluate performance and understand customer needs.

London Business School

Leading business school eyes productivity boost with new Unified Communications solution