Fast-paced industry and customer demand

Communication between employees was not properly integrated... Canopies UK risked missing out on potential sales

The company has ensured it has the internal processes in place to capitalise on any market opportunities that arise.

The company operates in a fast-moving industry and our sales path is made up of a number of different stages... It is absolutely essential as a business that we keep on top of this
Rob Cassidy, Marketing Manager, Canopies UK

Before approaching Outsourcery, Canopies UK's incumbent in-house email client was preventing the company from keeping up with the fast-paced industry and customer
demand – communication between employees was not properly integrated, meaning that Canopies UK risked missing out on potential sales leads.

After an initial consultation with Outsourcery, a thorough review of the existing in-house email solution and a discussion around key business goals and aspirations, Canopies UK implemented Outsourcery’s Cloud Mail service.

Cloud-based offering and ease of implementation

Outsourcery's Cloud Mail email offering combines market-leading Exchange and Lync technologies with additional services from security, backup and availability solution provider Symantec, fully integrated and delivered in a scalable, flexible and reliable model.

Hosted on Outsourcery’s enterprise-grade O-Cloud platform, it gives customers the freedom to securely access all of their communications tools, such as,  email, contacts and conferencing from any device with an internet connection.  It also provides internal instant messaging, presence awareness and PC-to-PC calling and video capabilities, enhancing collaboration.

Integrating to enhance processes

The new Cloud Mail and Lync solution ensures all departments can operate in a proficient and proactive manner and we are seeing a direct impact on productivity as a result.
Rob Cassidy, Marketing Manager, Canopies UK

"Outsourcery’s cloud services, Unified Lync and Cloud Mail in particular, have benefited Canopies greatly in the five years that we’ve been a customer.

"Cloud-based email enables all our employees to keep up-to-date and in regular contact with each other throughout the day, whilst also providing the capabilities of accessing emails outside of working hours or away from the office if a situation requires more urgent attention."

Rob adds, "We’ve noticed that we can work a lot more effectively since we’ve implemented the new solution, particularly our sales teams on the road. We are the number one provider of outdoor canopies in the UK and this is largely due to our commitment to making sure all parts of our business work in tandem at all times.

"Using smart devices on the go keeps the entire company integrated with access to updated emails in real-time. This is fundamental to the work that we do – the cloud-based mail solution really has transformed the way we work."