Efficient communication and the ability to share information easily is a key requirement

Ammeraal Beltech is a world-leading manufacturing company that specialises in conveyor belts for a wide range of market sectors, including food, automotive and textiles

Operating in 25 countries and distributing products to a further 150 worldwide, Ammeraal Beltech operates seven production plants and 80 fabrication centres, with sales representatives serving local customers tailor-made solutions.

Increase ... in the overall performance and efficiency of the business

Ammeraal Beltech works with employees and customers across the globe, efficient communication ... is a key requirement for the successful day-to-day running of the business.

Prior to approaching Outsourcery, Ammeraal Beltech was using a single server to help external sales teams to share information. This was no longer providing the level of performance and efficiency required for a smooth-running business.

We knew that a hybrid cloud solution would enable us to manage all functions efficiently, thus improving communication and productivity during the process of engaging customers and ultimately making a sale.
Roger Riggs, IT Manager, Ammeraal Beltech

Ammeraal Beltech wanted to continue using their incumbent Dynamics NAV ERP system for the management of business processes, whilst syndicating with a cloud-based CRM tool to increase business performance.

The Outsourcery solution

Outsourcery could provide the most suitable option for a migration to the cloud, as Outsourcery offered an interface between the existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system and cloud-based Dynamics CRM

High level of service to drive performance

Outsourcery's CRM solution, syndicated with our existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system, would provide a high level of service to drive performance.


Outsourcery's O-Cloud platform, which uses best-of-breed HP technology. This enables faster delivery of information

Cloud-based CRM offers an assessment of customer behavior through a 360-degree view of all business interactions, providing the user with all the information needed to improve future service and performance.

Outsourcery is well-positioned to offer this solution, as both a Microsoft Partner with eight competencies including Gold CRM and a member of the Microsoft Cloud OS Network. In addition to Dynamics CRM, Outsourcery offers a broad range of other cloud-based Microsoft solutions.

“We chose hosted Dynamics CRM because it offers a single source from which to manage customer relationships regardless of what office an employee is working from, negating the need for a myriad of servers to manage different functions. The syndication between Dynamics CRM and Ammeraal Beltech's incumbent Dynamics NAV CRP provides the perfect platform from which our sales teams can manage functions efficiently. Roger Riggs, IT Manager, Ammeraal Beltech