Outsourcery and Collaboris host virtual conference

Outsourcery and Collaboris host largest virtual 24-hour Office 365 conference

Leading cloud companies Outsourcery and Collaboris are hosting a 24-hour virtual conference from 7-8 October 2015


Outsourcery and Collaboris are hosting a 24-hour virtual conference from 7-8 October 2015 – the largest Microsoft conference dedicated to Office 365 and SharePoint in the world.

To register to listen to any of the 147 speakers – that will include Jeremy Thake, lead technical product manager for Office 365, Mark Kashman, senior lead on development on SharePoint and Sonya Koptyev, senior product marketing manager at Microsoft - please go to the website:

Collab365 Global Conference Website

Why sign in to the virtual sessions?

The sessions will give you insights into practical examples of how many leading organisations from across the world have used Microsoft Office 365 and Azure to improve business performance and lower on-premises costs.

You can request interviews with speakers who are of interest and Outsourcery can facilitate further engagement post event.

Piers Linney, Co-CEO of Outsourcery will be presenting a session and will also be available for interviews to help journalists understand the significance of the latest developments in the Microsoft Suite and the impact that this is having in the channel and end users.

You can learn more about the agenda here:

Collab365 Conference Agenda

Key details:

  • 7 tracks
  • 24-hours
  • 147 speakers
  • 167 sessions
  • 4 languages
  • 9 hours of live content
  • Over 5000 current registrations

Further Information

If you would like further information, please contact Paul Moore or Sean Hand at Outsourcery’s public relations team at Spreckley:

Email: Outsourcery@spreckley.co.uk

Tel: 020 7388 9988


For more information, contact media@outsourcery.co.uk.