Investment needed in Unified Comms

Organisations need to invest in Unified Comms to get the best from employees

Successful development and growth within the business is often a result of the tools employees have access to.

Recent research by 451 Research Group has found that 39 per cent of organisations have only basic email systems implemented to manage and execute communication processes. Piers Linney, Co-CEO of UK-based Cloud Services Provider (CSP) Outsourcery argues that having the best communications technologies in place needs to be made a priority to drive employee productivity and is calling for more businesses to integrate unified communications (UC) tools and strategies.
According to the 451 research, 26 per cent of organisations currently use email systems with advanced features that include integrated document management, rights-management and full-featured archiving. Outsourcery’s Linney underlines the opportunities that can be unlocked further through deploying a high performance, innovative unified communications solution. “Businesses need to be aware of their reliance on their email system for the fundamental management of processes and delivery of service. With the rising consumer BYOD trend in particular, the key to achieving enhanced performance across the workplace in the future will be to invest in an advanced UC solution that will enable employees to work out of the office and check-in with their colleagues at their own convenience.
UC solutions that are supported by cloud technology have the ability to be accessed on-the-go and provide an invaluable opportunity for businesses aiming to achieve greater connectivity to accelerate processes and generate increased business productivity.
Piers Linney, Co-CEO of Outsourcery
Linney continues: "Further to this, a scalable architecture provides businesses with the potential for decreased IT expenditure, with the capability to modify the number of accounts required for employees. This will, in turn, save costs that can ultimately be channeled into other areas of the business.
As a world-leading CSP and a Microsoft partner, Outsourcery offers a suite of viable UC systems based on Microsoft solutions and built on an enterprise-grade, Ofcom-regulated O-Cloud platform. Outsourcery is also a member of the exclusive Microsoft Cloud OS Network (COSN) as well as being a Microsoft CityNext Partner. The UC offering which is available to Outsourcery’s customers includes Microsoft’s Lync, Exchange, CRM and Office 365 – all of which harness the latest developments from Microsoft, while benefitting users with the flexibility and efficiency of advanced cloud technology. This enables streamlined and more efficient working processes, in particular improved business collaboration through instant messaging, conferencing facilities and desktop sharing.
Supporting employees’ increasing need for greater flexibility and efficient communication, Outsourcery will be combining the key advantages of Skype and Microsoft Lync provide the Skype for Business service later this year. This will enable businesses to achieve the benefits of a global UK solution through communicating with other contacts worldwide, while speeding up work processes and decreasing expenditure.
Linney concludes: “With the introduction of BYOD schemes and smart devices in the workplace, businesses need to adapt to employee behavioural changes through evolving with the advancements of Unified Communications to enable the workforce to reap the benefits of greater productivity and efficiency. Through investing in cloud-based Unified Communications services, businesses can achieve greater mobility and work process speeds, while saving costs to contribute to growth in the long-term.”


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