A Word from The Top - Piers Linney, Sept 2014

The first edition of Cloud Talk, Outsourcery’s quarterly e-newsletter

Outsourcery Co-CEO Piers Linney shares his personal views on the Cloud Industry.

Welcome to the first edition of Cloud Talk, Outsourcery’s quarterly e-newsletter. Here, we will be talking all things ‘cloud’, from infrastructure to Microsoft applications, the latest unified communications (UC) and collaboration solutions, and secure cloud services for the public sector.

It is an incredibly dynamic time for cloud and for Outsourcery, with the enormous benefits of cloud-based services for customers, as well as the business opportunity for Outsourcery and our partner network, clearly evident.

The industry continues to evolve rapidly and as organisations seek to embrace cloud, we are experiencing growth and evolving quickly. So, this is a great time to be writing to you sharing our latest news; like the fact that we have recently been shortlisted for two National Business Awards, which is a testament to the fantastic work of our whole network. In other news, you may have read our latest announcement with HP, that we are now offering our unique unified communications solution directly to their network of SMB customers.

And there has been the announcement of a very significant win by one of our key strategic partners, providing a hybrid Office 365 and Lync-based UC solution with full enterprise voice, to a large UK-based enterprise customer. This is a great example of how Outsourcery and our partners are working in new and innovative ways to deliver cloud services to UK businesses.

Recently, the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) published its latest white paper, ’The Normalisation of Cloud in a Hybrid IT Market’, which provided a snapshot of UK cloud adoption trends.

Interestingly, the research revealed that the number of UK businesses looking to adopt at least one cloud-based service is forecast to grow to 82%. Many businesses, however, are still continuing to use on-premises IT model alongside cloud-based services, choosing a more staggered hybrid approach, rather than a complete ‘rip and replace’. This is a trend we have been witnessing at Outsourcery, reflected in both our partners’ experiences and first-hand though the direct relationships we have with our customers.

This trend is certainly one that we will be watching closely at Outsourcery and one that is likely to be the preferred model for many organisations in the foreseeable future, especially those new to the cloud. As advocates of cloud-based IT and communications services – we are ‘the cloud experts’ after all – we understand that each business has completely different needs when it comes to going cloud.

There are an infinite number of variables which impact on the decision, from existing IT and telephony infrastructure and contractual obligations, to organisational culture and of course budget, so the increased prominence of the hybrid approach is very important when we are developing our service offering. It is our aim to ensure that the organisations we do business with get a seamless end-to-end experience, whether we’re working with an SMB partner looking to become a cloud reseller, a large enterprise implementing hosted Unified Communications for the first time, or a public sector body making ICT changes in line with the government’s ‘cloud first’ policy. We encourage organisations to talk to us (we’re a friendly bunch!) so we can help with each step of the cloud journey, getting every business to where it needs to be.

As well as the new CIF research, we have also recently seen the publication of a new report from the Office of National Statistics, ’Internet Access – Households and Individuals 2014’, which you can read more about in our headline article, ‘Employees are going cloud with or without their employers’. The findings reveal that 96% of 16 to 24 year olds are using portable devices to access the internet on the go, illustrating the stark contrast of the traditional office workforce and the elusive generation Y that is heading our way.

This is a generation that is used to working with mobile devices and technology in the cloud every hour of every day and they won’t expect anything less in the workplace. Microsoft’s latest offering already encapsulates this zeitgeist and we’re predicting a dynamic shift in the way other companies will structure their approach to ICT in order to accommodate this in coming years or even months. Solutions like voice-enabled Lync and integrated cloud-based email will become the norm and we can expect to hear a lot more on hot topics like bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and the internet of things – with cloud at the heart of it all.

So, like I said, here at Outsourcery it’s certainly been a dynamic time with no sign of slowing down. In this issue of Cloud Talk you can read more about the way we are working with our customers, in our new Canopies UK case study and in the latest Outsourcery press releases. And please do let us know what you think of Cloud Talk – just click on the Have Your Say button in the email.

For anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at info@outsourery.co.uk or on Twitter @outsourcery

Thanks for reading.

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