A Word from The Top - Piers Linney, March 2015

A Word from the Top - Piers Linney, March 2015

A Word from the Top: Piers Linney, Outsourcery co-CEO talks Cloud, Skype for Business and leaving Dragons' Den.

Welcome to the first 2015 instalment of Cloud Talk. Here at Outsourcery, we are continuing to experience a growing demand for cloud services across both the commercial and public sectors and last week we were pleased to announce our first public sector customer win via the G-Cloud procurement framework.

The technology market has always been incredibly dynamic, but the speed of change continues to accelerate, with more and more business owners and ICT managers reaching out for suppliers that are able to support a transition to cloud-based ICT. Later this year, on July 14th, Microsoft will end support for the Windows Server 2003 operating system.

As a result, many organisations that have been using this twelve-year-old platform will find themselves in the midst of the daunting process of upgrading. However, it needn’t be daunting for those that take the time to speak with partners and suppliers that are in a position to offer expert advice. It’ll be interesting to see how companies will handle this process of upgrading, as it provides a golden opportunity to transition from the on-premises model of owning and managing physical infrastructure, to a cloud services model.

Another exciting industry update and one that is particularly exciting for Outsourcery, is Microsoft’s decision to launch the next version of Lync as ‘Skype for Business’. The new version of the solution, which Outsourcery will be offering, will combine the key advantages of both Skype and Lync, bridging the gap between the familiar user experience and the business-grade solution needed in the workplace. It is also a strong indication that the consumerisation of IT is now an undeniable driving force behind the tools we use in a business setting and Skype for Business demonstrates a key milestone in this trend.

In other news, over recent months Outsourcery has been supporting my new charity workinsight.org, which is designed to harness the power of cloud and software to connect young people and jobseekers, with employers willing to provide short, bite-sized work place insights. workinsight.org is developing a digital platform and smartphone app to give all young people, regardless of socio-economic background, historic academic record, race, gender, disability, sexuality or religion, the chance to gain access to multiple work experience opportunities, without the traditional selection processes that can often act as a barrier. Think of it as the Uber taxis or AirBnB of work experience. I really believe it is important to make sure that everyone has the chance to pursue the careers that they feel passionate about.

Finally, you may have read that I recently decided to step down from Dragons’ Den. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and have had the opportunity to invest in a number of brilliant businesses which are thriving. I joined the show to raise the profile of the IT industry and in the last two years of being on the show I feel that I have contributed to doing this. It’s now time for me to refocus and move onwards and upwards – after all there are so many things I am passionate about turning my hand to, from Outsourcery, to the wider cloud industry, my entrepreneurial work and of course my charity. So keep watching this space.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Cloud Talk.

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