Outsourcery enters new elite group
Microsoft Cloud OS Network
Microsoft Cloud OS Partner

The Microsoft Cloud OS Network is a worldwide consortium of 25 cloud service providers delivering services built on Microsoft technologies.

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Joining this elite group provides significant advantages to our partners and customers.

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Who we are

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We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of cloud-based IT and business communications solutions and we have been delivering cloud services to partners and customers of all sizes since 2007. Outsourcery employs approximately 110 people from three offices across the UK and is a founder member of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

Outsourcery and you

We work closely with our partners and customers to ensure the transition to the cloud is pain-free and delivers maximum return for the businesses we work with. This is delivered through our in depth consultancy and support capability, which means cloud services can be integrated and customised to meet business objectives.
Our aim is to integrate with, or completely remove the need to have, a ‘comms room’ and ITC infrastructure, allowing a switch in IT payment model from a Capital Expense (Capex) to Operational Expense (Opex) model. For that reason, we’ve invested heavily in our cloud platform, which we call the O-Cloud. This has been built using the latest technologies from best-of-breed partners such as Microsoft, HP, Parallels and Telecity Group, to ensure high availability and resilience for partners and customers alike.

the outsourcery values


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Knowledgeable – we know our stuff
Outsourcery was born in the cloud and has spent years building an unparalleled understanding of everything cloud-related. What’s more, we make every effort to understand the needs of our partners and our customers.
Straightforward – we cut through the clutter
We endeavour to cut through the buzzwords and the jargon and explain things in simple, easy-to-understand terms. But our straightforwardness doesn’t end there. Because we know what we’re talking about, we are also unafraid to tell it like it is, even if it’s difficult for our partners or customers to hear at times. We know it’s for the best in the long-run.

Experienced – we speak from experience
Through years of experience we’ve learned lessons through trial and error and emerged a smarter, leaner and more expert organisation as a result. Now we’re able to spot pitfalls and potential problems with ease and we know the best ways to avoid them. 

Progressive – we're ahead of the game
Outsourcery are constantly striving to stay abreast with of the latest industry and technology developments so that we understand change as it happens. That’s why we always strive to remain at the cutting edge of cloud solutions. Whether we’re trialing the latest products and solutions, or adopting new ways of working, we’re committed to innovation at every level of our business. We’re not afraid to do things differently – and we never rest on our laurels. 

Reliable – we can be trusted to deliver on our promises
Time and time again, we’ve demonstrated that our knowledge of cloud solutions is second-to-none. Our partners and customers know from first-hand experience that we can be relied upon not only to keep things running, but to make sure that everything is working at its optimum.

o-cloud platform 

O-Cloud Platform 

The O-Cloud platform is the backbone of our cloud services. Our investment gives you high availability and true enterprise-grade services – including integrated network level security, geographic data redundancy and integrated disaster recovery.  
We have developed our platforms from the ground up, so we understand each element of infrastructure, network and the applications developed and delivered from it. READ MORE

awards, accolades and accreditations


Awards, accolades and accreditations 

Outsourcery is a Microsoft Certified Partner with a total of eight competencies including three gold and five silver. We were Microsoft’s UK launch partner for Unified Communications (UC) services and have been recognised within the communications channel as providing best in class business solutions for both customers and partners.
As the cloud experts, Outsourcery prides itself in the knowledge and expertise of its people and strives to obtain the highest industry standards, certifications and accolades. This is evident in the many awards and accreditations Outsourcery has achieved over the years. READ MORE

dedicated to customers and partners

Dedicated to customers and partners 

Our service promise underpins our extremely resilient platform. We provide our customers and partners with a clear and comprehensive 99.93% service availability promise; financially backed and delivered through our people, processes and systems:
People – Our ITILv3 trained support teams and ITIL Service Management framework means you’re supported by best-practice processes, with transparent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) tailored to your organisation.
Processes – Our team of field-based account managers specialise in customer and partner on-boarding, end-user training, service reviews and customer satisfaction.
Systems – Our UK-based service desk provides comprehensive support and a single point of contact across all products and technologies.
These three cornerstones ensure our service delivery model is consistent in quality and industry standards.

Our Support promise to you 


Our support promise to you

Our Cloud Support Services are here to give you reassurance that your ITC services are optimised and provide you with the right levels of on-going support.
Our platform has been engineered and tested in conjunction with Microsoft and HP, to ensure the highest levels of interoperability between all hardware and software.
Pro-active monitoring, patch management, alerts and escalation processes ensure that your cloud infrastructure and business applications run successfully.
Support packages are available across multiple products and multiple cloud deployment methods, whether it’s deployed in our O-Cloud or as a Microsoft Online service.
Tiered service offerings are available to meet your needs, offering different levels of control – Basic, Premium and customised support packages.
Response and resolution targets for incidents will give you peace of mind.
All SLAs are geared around business impact. Forget the technology, we assess the impact to your business and then assign a priority level.


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