Outsourcery is a Microsoft launch partner for Windows Server 2012

Publication date: 04/09/2012


​Leading Cloud services provider is A Microsoft launch partner for Windows Server 2012​

Outsourcery has recently upgraded its O-Cloud platform to the latest Microsoft server and virtualisation technology to deliver a richer feature set for IT VARs and ISVs​. Based on Microsoft's latest release of Windows Server 2012,
O-Cloud provides a platform on which to test and develop applications and seamlessly migrate to production grade status.
By upgrading to Windows Server 2012 and hosting with Outsourcery, IT VARs and ISVs can now gain the competitive edge required to access the next phase of cloud technology. Outsourcery Partners will now have access to the very latest, highly reliable and secure platform on which to fulf​​​il demand, based on Windows Server 2012.
IT VARs and ISVs need a cloud solution that can provide a cost effective way to deploy multiple test and development environments, yet that can also support the deployment of high-compute requirement systems, without the need for costly software re-engineering or migration to a new production platform. 

Outsourcery’s O-Cloud​, utilises Windows Server 2012 to provide high-density, cost-effective virtual machines for test and development as well as processor and memory intensive production environments to run mission critical applications in the cloud, all from within a single control panel and platform environment. 
Commenting on the launch, James Griffin, Director of Product Strategy & Marketing said: 
“Utilising the enhancements in Windows Server 2012, the O-Cloud platform can now provision virtual machines (VMs) with up to 64 processor cores and 1TB RAM, enabling it to cope with the most demanding back office workloads. Furthermore, from a single control panel, our Partners are able to instantly scale resources up or down and migrate test and development environments to full production SLAs.”
Helping customers embrace advantages in software developments is a core revenue stream for both ISVs and IT VARs. Often, barriers to adopting new versions of software are the cost of more powerful hardware as well as long testing and development cycles. By deploying onto the O-Cloud platform, Outsourcery Partners can offer their customers instant server deployment and scaling, support for high compute workloads, whilst removing the cost and need to procure and install on-site test and development equipment.
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About Outsourcery

Outsourcery is one of the UK’s leading providers of cloud-based IT & business communications solutions - delivering cloud services to businesses of all sizes since 2007. Operating throughout the UK, Outsourcery employs 150 people across three offices and is a founder member of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF). 
Outsourcery is a Microsoft Certified Partner with a total of seven competencies including four gold and three silver. Outsourcery were Microsoft’s UK launch partner for Unified Communications (UC) services and have been recognised within the Communications Channel as providing best in class business solutions; for both customers and partners. The O-Cloud platform is the backbone for Outsourcery’s cloud services.
The investment in the platform provides high availability and true enterprise-grade services – including integrated network level security, geographic data redundancy and integrated disaster recovery. Developed from the ground up, understanding each element of infrastructure, network and applications developed and delivered from it, is what provides Outsourcery with the cloud expertise to deliver highly effective and efficient solutions to businesses.​​​

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